Through Romantic Room Designs, your guest room will be decorated to help celebrate your next Carmel romantic getaway! These decorations provide for a wonderful and unique surprise for an anniversary, honeymoon, proposal, birthday or just because! You can also add a wonderful beach fire to wind up a romantic night by watching the sunset.


Choose From:


  • The Romantic Bedroom. Follow a trail of rose petals to a bed, turned down and decorated for a romantic evening including 150 red silk rose petals, fun feather boa, chocolate kisses, strands of white pearls, glimmering streamers, gift box of chocolates, elegant ribbons and 4 LED flickering candles. Everything is yours to keep ($89.95)

  • Elegant Evening. Follow a trail of red silk rose petals to a bed decorated with 150 additional rose petals, 10 LED flickering candles, decorative ribbons, strands of white pearls, crystal diamonds and chocolate kisses and one celebration balloon ($95)

    Romantic Escape. Includes your room decorated with a scattering of red silk rose petals, gourmet chocolates, one dozen roses in an elegant glass vase and eight (8) LED flickering candles. Everything is yours to keep. ($129)

    • Beach Fire. Includes a big comfy beach blanket, one dozen roses, chilled bottle of San Pellegrino, all of the supplies for roasting smores (including long handled roasting sticks), flashlight and completely built beach fire (pre-lit for you) with extra wood and I LOVE U in rose petals ($150)


    Contact our front desk directly at 1-800-336-6421 to reserve your room design or beach fire.